ASE as an academic institution espouses to accomplish its objectives through 3 E’s – important change-drivers – i.e. “Education, Ethics, and Excellence”.


ASE as a centre of learning will equip students with critical thinking apart from the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, and habits. ASE will enable students to reflect on the profundity of our primordial nature, meditate on the fate of society, question the edifice of concepts and ideas with a critical outlook yet remaining firm in critical elements of self-realization and self-actualization. ASE deems this sublime blend of knowledge-based self-realization as the ultimate aim of education and social evolution.


At ASE, we believe, ethics is an inseparable part of human beings and their evolution. Education is the only constant which makes us grow ethically. Ethics which don’t deprive us of the taste of faith and submission, which does not make of us a harmless ascetic while en route to piety. Ethics which enriches our characters, whereby we remain actively committed to the path of knowledge yet not staining our hands with immorality. ASE shall promote ethics and basic human values as a culture and shall treat them as a norm, the non-adherence of which shall construe as abnormality and immorality.


ASE believes that excellence in education is a hallmark of an enculturated society. Excellence not only in terms of producing highly employable students, important though that is, to produce men of commitment whose faith does not paralyze their power of thought and profession does not make them inattentive to the fate of mankind. At ASE, we take a holistic view of excellence and hence believe in the noble use of knowledge and skills, beyond individual Professional commitments.

Striving for the realization of 3E's
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