We encourage teams from schools to come to the conference together, attend workshops, and bring back shared experiences and knowledge to put to use at your school.

EngageNY curriculum

This curriculum has been adopted right now for the Science,arts,mathematics. The EngageNY is evolving every year thus making the curriculum very apt, relevant and research based.

ASE strongly downplays the downtrodden concept of the syllabus, which doesn’t help in the achievement of a particular goal. ASE has imparted curricula from EngageNY USA and NCF, customized them according to the needs of our society in particular and external world in general. Curriculum is an extensive document which contains step by step details and activities to reach a particular goal. If your child takes a small mechanical gear in hand in nursery class, the robotics curriculum of ASE makes sure that he/ she can make a humanoid in 10th class.

IQRA International Foundation USA


Established in 1983, we are a non-profit organization owned by the community and managed by a board of trustees. IQRA’ is dedicated to providing quality education to our Muslim children worldwide.

IQRA’s comprehensive and systematic program of Ta’lim and Tarbiyah in each aspect of our faith (Fiqh and Akhlaq, Sirah and Hadith,Qur’an, Islamic History and Geography, Literature and Arabic language) has been uniquely devised to reach today’s youth.

By the Benevolence of Allah Almighty and with the support of our dedicated staff, IQRA’ International Educational Foundation has become a pioneer in the field of Islamic education, bringing instructional literature to thousands of children and young adults. Below are some of the distinct and unique features found within our program:

From development to implementation, IQRA’s comprehensive and systematic program of Ta’lim and Tarbiyah in each aspect of our faith (Fiqh, Akhlaq, Sirah, Hadith, Qur’an, history, geography, literature and Arabic language) is the first-of-its-kind endeavor. Our program has been thoroughly researched and meticulously planned to include (from kindergarten through high school)

  • Curriculum Guides
  • Textbooks
  • Study Guides
  • Enrichment Literature
  • Audio-Visual Material
  • Parent-Teacher Manuals

Courtesy: iqrafoundation.org

Child Health & Professional Counselling

INQUAD is a counselling and development company based at Mohali which is engaged in the assessment and evaluation of human intelligence, abilities and potential of individuals and thereby help in realizing the potential in life. In Quad Assessments help in understanding people, their behavior, motivations and innate propensities so as to make intelligent choices and maximize the potential of people. It employs thoroughly researched and accepted theories, validated and tested for reasonable accuracy for assessments of people for tactical and psychological benefit. ASE has engaged with In Quad after proper deliberation with experts to assist our students in finding their real talents.