AARIFEEN: The Seers Abode

The word “AARIFEN” comes from the Arabic word ‘Arafa’ which means “To Know”. The word encompasses an inexhaustible treasure of knowing one’s true self; deconstruction, understanding, and dissemination of which, allows a student to harness his/her innate disposition, buttress the intellectual strength with faith, get acquainted with the ultimate reality, and move confidently into the future while contributing in society as a thinking being.

Logo: Bask in the matrix of Glory 

The book as a meta-embodiment of intellectual evolution and human progress, tethers Education, Ethics, and Excellence and hence represents the logo of ASE and reflects its vision. As the student gradually becomes sagacious in noble and sublime qualities, sees the world within and outside, through an unbiased lens while navigating through this book, this panoply is represented by a falcon, as an overall crown. The falcon’s flight blends Faith, Strength, and Wisdom, represented by three stars. Therefore, the logo of ASE represents a riveting expedition towards ultimate success.