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The culture of learning helps foster critical thinking as much as it determines our vantage point and outlook towards the world we inhabit. Amongst the centres of learning, a high school is of paramount importance: Its curriculum and work culture enables us to develop our core competencies and evolve our ethical frameworkwhich becomes an indispensable part of our identity. The school weconceive looks beyond apparent, and embraces a robust approach that allows students to accept and consciously respond to myriad challenges, provides an environment that enhances their skillset and knowledge production abilities and in the process become active contributors to make this world a better place to live. Following the spirit of this broad base education model, Idarah Falahu Darien (a non-profit registered society), envisions a world class school that is in sync with its basic idea as well, which includes :

  • commitment towards teaching thought and harnessing thought process
  • harboring social values that uplift community standards through active contribution
  • enhancing choice-based schooling, without clouding critical judgement by imposition approach
  • adapting and developing social technologies to respond to contemporary challenges
  • channelizing curiosity of students by creating a learning culture which facilitates their intellectual endeavors.

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