What is ASE?

ASE stands for Aarifeen School of Excellence. ASE is owned and managed by Idarah Falahudarien, Baramulla.

Where is the ASE located?

The main campus of the school is near the grid station at Upper Delina, Baramulla. You can visit our office at First Floor, Al-Noor Compex, Noor Bagh Road Barmulla.

When is ASE going to call for admissions?

The admissions in ASE begin in the month of August of every year.

What curriculum has been adopted by ASE?

The educational curriculum at ASE is activity-based and has been customized from the National Curriculum Framework 2005, India & our Curriculum partner is Nature Nurture. Arabic and Islamic Studies Curriculum has been Adopted from IQRA’ International Educational Foundation, USA.

What is the infrastructure at ASE?

ASE shall offer the state of the art infrastructure to its students. The structural design follows a student-centric architecture. The infrastructural features include SMART classrooms, Floor Heating,  wifi campus, School ERP for fees collection  & communication, CCTV, IVRS system, Fire alarm, integrated audio systems, friendly classrooms, and proper play areas.

Does ASE offer the transportation facility to the students?

Transportation is available only on limited routes right now. ASE shall provide GPS enabled transportation facilities to its students on suitable transportation changes.

Is ASE a residential school?

ASE does not offer residential facility to its students.

Does IFD spend the amount generated in the name of Shoba Al-Mavineen (Poverty eradication program of IFD) for ASE?

All the money generated in the name of Al-Mavineen is spent exclusively on the poor and needy people in the society. IFD strictly adheres to the policy that no amount of Al-Mavineen head is spent on any other activity of IFD. Even the amount needed for the stationary, advertisement and promotion of Al Mavineen is managed by the members and well wishers of IFD. ASE does not take any share from Al-Mavineen. ASE is academic and educational endeavor of IFD, and its needs and requirements are managed separately.

If I have any queries regarding the ASE, who should I contact?

You can access our website www.asekashmir.com

or call us @ 844 844 9490

What should be the Child's age at the time of admission in Nursery?

It should be 3-4 years as on 01 November of the year in which admission is sought.

Is there any reservation for poor category?

Yes, ASE provides up to 10% reservation to poor category students in every batch.