Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Aarifeen School of Excellence (ASE).

The school works under the aegis of Idarah Falahudarien (IFD), Baramulla which is known for its social reconstruction programs and has profoundly contributed to the growth and development of the society. Committed to the vision of collective-social evolution, ASE offers a wonderful place for the education and excellence.

ASE is committed to grooming a creative generation and a disciplined nation. The school offers an educational program customized from internationally acclaimed curricula, catering to the layered frequency of our kids and is in sync with the child’s cognitive development. The school building is designed with a student-centric architecture and the classrooms are equipped with the latest technology, making learning easy and comprehensive. ASE recognizes the importance of the resourceful faculty and best available teaching faculty is being engaged by the school administration. For the skill enhancement of our faculty, regular orientation programmes, with thrust on teaching/learning technique improvement, shall be a permanent feature of ASE. To improve the physical and mental health of our students, sports activities shall remain an essential part of our educational program.

On behalf of the management board of ASE, I welcome you to this exciting educational endeavor and invite you to experience a different schooling for your child. Be a part of this journey from the beginning.

Best Wishes

Management Board