Spacious Class Rooms -12 Square Feet Area per Student

ASE has state of art spacious classes with area share per student standing at 12 square feet. This has been done keeping in view the psychology of a child. We don’t want students to have experience of prison cells while in school.  A happy child is a sound scholar

Floor Heating

Kashmir is being graced by winter every year with chilai kalan as its best delicacy. Adding flavors to the natural beauty, winter also decimates the thermometer below zero. To cater to the ease and warmth of the children, the school is equipped with floor heating, the first of its kind in the entire Kashmir. Besides being efficient floor heating is completely safe for the children as compared to the traditional heating methods of bukhari, central heating etc.

CCTV Campus

The campus is continuously under CCTV surveillance to manage the student flow, keep every operation going on smoothly within the campus. Our security teams continuously monitor the school via CCTV on a proactive basis, to prevent any untoward incident and inconvenience to the ones present in the campus.

LAN and OFC Connectivity in all Classes

Every class of ASE has a dedicated LAN connection. This connection is used along with the smart boards, projectors and computers to keep children connected to outside world. School management believes that every student should have an early access to technology in a positive way so as to boost the overall performance.

Online School Management

The school uses state of art online school management software to cater to the needs of management, parents, teachers etc. Whether it be a grievance, complaint or a query, we are just one click away.

Fire Alarm System

School has a centrally monitored fire alarm system for early warning in case of accidental fires. The safety of children is the prime concern of the school.

Public Address System

The school is equipped with a public address system, so that information and directions can be disseminated in an efficient manner. Public address system is instrumental for large participants like school.


The school considers the health and safety of its students and visitors as its top priority. At ASE school management considers it indecent to strain the knees of elderly persons. For this ASE has planned a lift in the 2nd phase of its construction, whose bed base and external setup has already been constructed. This lift has been made keeping in view emergency situations and the elderly group concerns. This is the Ethics part of ASE in living.


ASE believes in equal opportunities for all. This belief is not only restricted to students but to everyone who directly or indirectly becomes a part of ASE. ASE doesn’t want disconnection specially-abled people. ASE carries them along, shoulder with shoulder, foot with the foot. A practical materialization of this is the Ramp of ASE. Designed for all the four floors of ASE, ASE makes it’s sure that our specially abled comrades reach the Xenith.

CCTV, Fire alarm, LAN/ Wi-Fi, EPABX

The buildings of ASE are equipped with state of Art Electronic systems. The school bears a complex network of CCTV to keep a close eye on the activities of students for their safety. CCTV Network makes ASE an intrusion free space. Besides school is equipped with a Fire Alarm system for safety purposes, LAN/ Hotspot Area for the seamless connection of every square foot of ASE to the world via internet backbone. School also houses an EPABX (Electronic exchange) for hassle-free communication within and outside school premises. The aim of all this infrastructure is to raise the cognitive development of students to a very high standard so that when they set foot in the real world, they launch themselves from an already high Launchpad

Transport Facility with GPS

Worried about the whereabouts of your children when traveling to/from school? If yes, ASE is the Drug of choice. School has made it mandatory for all school vehicles to install GPS sets by which you can watch the live location of the school bus via your smartphone. Peace of mind of the parents is the obligation of ASE which it has tried to fulfill.

1:20 Teacher-Pupil Ratio

At ASE each student is treated as an individual, an entire universe in itself. It is not possible to keep one teacher for every student, so we have tried the best keeping 1 teacher for every 20 students. Central Board of School Education recommends 1 teacher for 25 students. So ASE is on par with Board recommendations. We believe in treating students as humans, not herds. Quality not quantity is the benchmark.

Teacher Training by National Trainers

To sharpen the skills of our teachers, training programs are done, where training is provided by National and International trainers. Our Arabic trainers come from IQRA institute which is the leading Curriculum provider in Arabic in the world. ASE believes teachers require constant pushes so they reach their full potential and transfer their skills to the students to make it a continuous process.

Complete Physiological Development with Cognitive Development, Motor Nerve Skills and Memory Retention

Gone are the days of ‘2 ones zaa 2, 2 twos zaa 4’. ASE believes these cramming methods and superficial tactics have done a strong damage to the society. To eradicate this menace, ASE has taken a step forward to develop the cognition, motor nerve skills and introductory courses for memory retention. A simple human mind can store 80000 volumes of an encyclopedia but we never realize that potential. Not anymore. ASE adds to the personalities of its students and one of the addition is being a walking Hard Disk.

Curriculum for Every Child

Complete School Solutions Company in India


The school is proposing a swimming pool, an indoor stadium and a conference hall in its upcoming infrastructure. In addition to that smart classrooms is a top priority. The school aspires to complete every basic need and luxuries a student must have.


– Building: As per the CBSE norms with high-performance design features.
– Design: SMART classrooms, uPVC Windows & Cabins, Floor Heating, Epoxy Flooring
– e-governance: Wifi campus, an e-management system for fees & schooling
– Technology: CCTV, LAN, Virtual EPABX, Fire alarm, Integrated Audio Systems
– Spaces: Friendly classrooms, Outdoor and indoor play areas, Clinic
– Transport: Available with GPS tracking for parents
– More: Earthquake resistant design, Ramp, and Lift facility.

– Swimming Pool
– Conference Hall
– Auditorium

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